Department of Health (DOH): Hospital and Healthcare Facility Design Guideline

Sharing with everyone a published guideline on hospital design by the Department of Health. Included in this post is the parameters and criteria for a 100-Bed Hospital.

DOH-100-VI (Introduction & Instructions of Use)
DOH-100-VIV-0 (Scgematic Plans & Technical Requirements)
DOH-100-VIV-1 (Administrative Facility)
DOH-100-VIV-2 (Clinical Service Facility)
DOH-100-VIV-3-1 (Ancillary Service Facility)
DOH-100-VIV-3-2 (Ancillary Service Facility)
DOH-100-VIV-4 (Nursing Service Facility)
DOH-100-VIV-5 (Dietary Service Facility)
DOH-100-VIV-6 (Engineering, Maintenance & Services))
DOH-100-VV (Appendices)

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