How to Architect

Read a good book lately? Well if you are looking for something to wind the time that is both informative and entertaining, here’s one that fits the bill.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an architect to understand it, it’s not even as complicated as Fletcher’s History of Architecture but just as thick with data.
How to Architect is a website that is thick with literature, videos, and instructional material to teach architecture. The author,  Dough Patt has written a book with the same title.

It’s actually written quite nicely,  I personally  all it the ABC’s of Architecture and is full of trivia and information on architecture, it’s practice and everything else in between.

How to Architect is a book to guide you on the road to architecture. If you are just starting on that journey or thinking about becoming an architect, it is a place to begin. If you are already an architect and want to remind yourself of what drew you to the profession, it is a book of affirmation. And if you are just curious about what goes into the design and construction of buildings, this book tells you how architects think. Patt introduces each entry with a hand-drawn letter, and accompanies the text with illustrations that illuminate the concept discussed: a fallen Humpty Dumpty illustrates the perils of fragile egos; photographs of an X-Acto knife and other hand tools remind us of architecture’s nondigital origins.

About the Author
Doug Patt is a registered licensed architect in Pennsylvania and has taught architecture at Pennsylvania State University and Northampton Community College. He has a popular Web site and a widely viewed YouTube channel, both also called “How to Architect.”

I would recommend it to students as primer, to anyone else as a very good read into what an architect is and what architecture is bust most of all I recommend doing it to architects as a reminder why they wanted to become one in the first place.


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