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Been getting alot of messages and queries lately about design parameters, lot restrictions and alike. All of these things are written down in the National Building Code under RULE VII – CLASSIFICATION AND GENERAL REQUIREMENTS OF ALL BUILDINGS BY USE OR OCCUPANCY. So I thought it’ll be just right to dissect it’s contents to make it easier for students and serve as a good refresher for us practicing. Here we go:

SECTION 701. Occupancy Classified

1. There are 10 Groups of Occupancies sub-divided into 25 Divisions. The accompanying matrix shows the Groupings and Divisions and the corresponding uses. The final
column indicates the Zoning Classification.

a. Buildings proposed for construction shall be identified according to their use or the character of its occupancy and shall be classified as follows:

i. Group A – Residential Dwellings

Group A Occupancies shall include:

Division A1 – Residential building/structure for exclusive use of single family occupants including school or company staff housing; single (nuclear) family dwellings; churches or similar places of worship; church rectories; community facilities and social centers; parks, playgrounds, pocket parks, parkways, promenades and play lots; clubhouses and recreational uses such as golf courses, tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pools and similar uses operated by the government or private individuals as membership organizations for the benefit of their members, families, and guests and not operated primarily for gain.

Note that this section is for all “dwellings” residential building/structure that is for the exclusive use of single family occupants. Check out Table VII.1 here to see the use and zoning application for this division.

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