AAIF’s 6th Anniversary

Today marks AAIF’s 6th Anniversary.

Group Photo, AAIF 2008
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The Philippine Architecture Advocacy International Foundation Inc. (AAIF), is an organization of individuals, private firms or other non-governmental organizations, all engaged in continuing advocacy work for the millennia-old profession of architecture and its allied professions.

While the AAIF is initially active in the Philippines, it aims to promote greater understanding and the universal recognition of the Philippine architect’s role and aspirations to other English-speaking countries as well, mainly through Filipino architects working in those countries.

The AAIF is a volunteer organization and as such warmly welcomes Philippine-certified and foreign-registered/certified architects and allied professionals (and non-professionals) to its fold.

The AAIF was founded in 2002 by its first Board of Trustees (BoT), all Philippine certified/registered architects, namely Greg Timbol II, Kellog Paredes (+), Rolly Miranda, Larry Espeleta, Elmor Vita, Boie Alli, Ludi Gonzales and Nanette Segovia. Since then, the AAIF and its BoT were initially active on four fronts; 1) the joint crafting and lobby effort for the approval of Republic Act/RA 9266 (Architecture Act of 2004); 2) the crafting of the 2004 Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (R-IRR) of the National Building Code of the Philippines/NBCP (PD 1096); 3) procedures relative to the procurement of architectural consulting services under RA 9184 (Government Procurement Reform Act/GPRA of 2003, covering local-funded projects) and Executive Order 278 (covering foreign-assisted projects); and 4) general advocacy work in print and electronic media, including general environment/urban design issues such as deforestation and visual pollution and illegal practitioners of the profession.

The AAIF shall eventually move into other fronts to aid other Philippine architectural organizations in the continuing effort to promote the image of the Filipino architect worldwide.



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